Music is an essential component of your special event and it helps determine its success! The appropriate music sets the tone for the flow of the evening and the overall mood and ambience for you and your guests.

Ivan Palmer’s Professional DJ Services commitment to you is that your very special day will hold many happy memories for you!

Our over 25 years of experience, as well, as our love of music makes us masterful at what we do and provides you with the best, experienced and professional DJ services for your event!

You will be pleased you have chosen us!

Our utmost goal and desire is to ensure that you and your guests have an unforgettable good time at your wedding reception.

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Ivan Palmer's Professional Services, will make your Wedding Ceremony/Reception…an Unforgettable one!!!

Pre-Reception Wedding DJ Arrangements:

When you book our services, we will contact you in writing to confirm your reservation and all the other….?  Several weeks before the reception our Disc Jockey will contact you to offer assistance in arranging the specific format of your reception and review all the details.

Our professional Disc Jockeys endeavour to make your reception unique, memorable, and designed to satisfy your unique needs and desires. Specific songs and types of music are chosen for arrival of guests, the grand entrance, receiving line, dinner music and dance music.

Our professional Disc Jockeys are experienced masters of ceremonies. They are skillful at introducing, at your request, bridal parents, head table and distinguished guests.

Special songs, such as your first dance as husband and wife and your farewell dance of the evening, are pre-selected by you. Other special selections of music may include bride and father, groom and mother and dedication dances. Our DJ host will be pleased to arrange the bouquet and garter toss, and any other formalities where you might require assistance.


What sets us apart is our ability to supply DJ’s who not only can “mix music” but who also have the ability to read a crowd. Our DJ’s take the time to meet and discuss your needs with you, so they get a clear sense of how best to entertain and please you and your guests. This is your special day, there cannot be any surprises. These KEY pieces are the difference in how fast your guests get on the dance floor, how late they stay at the party and how much energy the evening has.

~ DJ’ing isn’t rocket science, but there is, certainly, a method to the madness! ~

As the client, you don’t want to worry about your DJ getting sick on your special day.

This is your special day, you deserve to relax and trust all be taken care of by responsible and professionals!

~ Allow us to pamper you! ~

Over 80,000 songs to choose from!

Choose from traditional wedding classics, or be unique and go your own route! Song requests are totally welcome. Whatever genre, age group or ethnicity, you can be sure the music will fit your wedding and provide you with memories to last a lifetime!

What is included in our basic package:

•Professional, well groomed, personable DJ, with over 10 years of experience.

•Complete modern Digital DJ Sound System suited for up to 150 guests.

•Up to ( **) hours of music for your wedding reception and dancing

•Advanced set-up time with DJ arriving 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time .

•Equipment take-down and removal after the scheduled end time of the event

•Pre-event phone consultation with your DJ.

•Over 80,000 songs available onsite, plus instant downloads when  available on iTunes

•Music available from the 1940's to the most current.

•As much input into the music format as you wish, including choosing all the songs for the event.

•1 Basic Monsoon multicoloured Lights.

• Basic MC Services

•1 wireless microphone.

• A 2x page fill in the blanks itinerary and music profile including song and game selection (If desired).